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Rome, Italy


M. Cristina Cerminara was born in Rome, where she now lives. She lived in England and Germany, where she studied Drawing Art Techniques. After studying at the Art Academy of Florence, she graduated with a degree in Graphics and Painting from the Art Academy of Rome in 1990.

Her most important solo exhibitions include "Sehnsucht - Frammenti dell'Essere" - Spazio Gattomerlino Gallery, Rome (2017), "De Obsessione - Bond Age" - Massenzio Arte Gallery, Rome (2009), "Eros&Tattoo" - Fondazione Menna, Rome (2008), "La Scelta" - La Camera Verde, Rome (2004), ​"Blue" - Galerie Maas. Cologne, Germany (1993). In 2003, she collaborated with Scottish Lion Television on the production of the documentary "Mediterranean Tales", with interviews about her artistic work and the work of her father, the sculptor Gabriele Cerminara.

The most important group exhibitions she participated in include Marvelous Art Gallery "International Women's Day" (March 2023), "Ingresso Libero" Atelier Montez, Rome (2022), ​"New Jersey Book Art Symposium" - Rutgers University, NJ, US (2020), ​"Erotic Art Exhibition" - Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, London (2019),​ "XI Premio Internazionale" - Massenzio Arte - I.S.A., Rome (2008), "Escatologica" - Galleria Spaziotemporaneo, Milan (1997), "Escatologica"- Palazzo Comunale, Siena (1997), "Orizzonte Plurale" - Museo della Carta, Fabriano (1995)

Cerminara's art was aslo featured in publications such as Marvelous Art Gallery "International Women's day 2023" ​(March 2023 issue), GoddessArt Mag (January/February issue 2023), Alessandro Polidoro Editore: Illustration for the italian translation of "John Marr ed altri marinai" poetries by Herman Melville (translation in Italian by American literature Professor Dr. Gordon Poole), Edizioni La Camera Verde: Collana «Locandina d’artista. Jeu d’œuf pour violer les solutions régulières il faudrait bien naître»: Collana «Il fotogramma d’argento»: "La scelta" - Cristina Cerminara (2004).


Sharing a Vision: Art is exploring our unconscious, endless universe. Maria Cristina Cerminara is a multidisciplinary artist, working in the last years mainly exploring the combination of photography with drawings and different art techniques. She lives and works in Rome, where she was born. Her art research focuses on the reactions of contemporary human beings faced with the shattering of their illusion of total control over reality/nature, and she is interested in the sense of isolation and loneliness pervading an increasingly alienated world. In her latest work, she explores women's body perception in different cultures, generating sensual creatures born in an unconscious feminine universe. She mainly uses analog and digital drawings, collages, and paintings. Although her artworks often show the dramatic realities surrounding us, her style is always dreamy and surrealistic, showing a deep connection with natural elements. One of the main purposes of her art is to show how women often have an unconscious natural power that is often hidden and literally deleted by oppressive cultures. Women and generally humans nowadays in many countries live in a condition of fear and oppressive control. In Cristina's work, one can truly perceive the free-flowing energies of a liberated universal women/human condition.

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