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St. Catharines, ON, Canada


FAYBEL's (Elaine Nesbitt) digital paintings feature compelling, expressive eyes, finessed with unique floral and scenic motifs, textural brushwork, and fine detail. Her figurative portraits are sensory symphonies and visual curiosities, distilled from acute tactile experiences and crystal memories–extrapolations from her heightened-sensory life on the autism spectrum.

FAYBEL works to siphon an essence of studied traditional mediums into the digital medium using parchment-like art surfaces, digital oil and watercolor brushes, dynamic mixing techniques and archival giclée printing, with a mission to help pioneer digital painting in the gallery setting worldwide.

FAYBEL will be featured in Beautiful Bizarre Magazine's June issue as a member of their directory as well as in a full editorial with PEPPER. Her work was long-listed for the Women United Art Prize Digital Art category. In January, FAYBEL launched a collection with iCanvas.

FAYBEL was a cover artist for Bourbon Penn. Her paintings have been featured as inspirational entries for the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize. Since 2022, her works have been published in 365 ART + Magazine, Infected by Art Book, Marvelous Art's Top 50 Artists to Watch In 2022 & 2023, and Marvelous Art Magazine. She was in The Concept Art Association's first charity auction and gallery show at Gallery Nucleus in California, USA. Small Works was her subsequent showing, and in December 2022, FAYBEL sold out her first solo collection, Weird Tales, both with Curio Art Gallery in Portugal online. FAYBEL was a part of Marvelous Art Group's Art Festival of Love in February.

FAYBEL is running a limited-edition series with Quirky Fox Gallery in New Zealand and is scheduled with Nanny Goat Gallery in California to partake as sole digital artist for their opening in June, Ephemeral, along with Good and Evil, in September. She will be in Curio's September group display, Memoir.


My health has always been a diabolical thing, much like that of Mexican surrealist and portrait painter Frida Kahlo. In May 2022, over 9 of my vertebrae fractured spontaneously, crushing my spine by three inches. I had severe, undetected osteoporosis at the age of 29, and 50% of my bone mass was unequivocally lost. My bones were so fragile, yet I was undeterred. Frida’s endurance and perseverance are an inspiration to my own. I am a figurative digital painter specializing in imaginative realism, fantastic art, contemporary portraiture and surrealism. Memories and daily conversations color my pieces. A lack of social comprehension from being on the autism spectrum drove me to portraiture and an immersion in fantasy media that began with fairytale tellings from my grandmother, who was a traditional acrylic painter, incited my interest in fantastic art. A collaborative opportunity for artists, with the podcast to potential literary direction, JESSO, is a prominent dream I am in the perusal of, an initiative intended as a resource for skills progression and philosophical thought, a primer for self and style discovery, entangled with interviews from industry professionals. The JESSO project is intended to uplift the creative community and provide emerging artists with the essential tools to design and find career-forming opportunities, as well as to help pioneer digital painting in the gallery setting worldwide. Artists are inspiring visual storytellers who encourage emotional connectivity and expression, promoting self-discovery and a sense of community. I am an artist to give back to my family, support my creative friends and discover opportunities for recovery. My works are painted while in the supine position with a suspended monitor directly above me. I use dynamic digital mixing techniques on textured art surface, then embellish with traditional mediums: gallery pieces are custom framed as giclée prints on watercolor fine art paper.

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