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Gravenhurst, ON, Canada


Following her BFA, Janet pursued a career in graphic design, interactive media and photography, all of which inform her work today. In 2016 she returned to fine art and has been building her studio practice since then. Her work is in collections in Canada, the US, the UK, and Bermuda, and has been seen in Contemporary Artist, Style at Home and Uppercase magazines, and on HGTV Home Tours. After many years in Toronto, Janet has been on the move. For the past year her studio has been in Nova Scotia, and she has recently relocated again, this time to a small town north of Toronto.


Art is engagement. For me, art is how I engage and process the physical world around me, and the events that happen in it. It gives me a way to interpret events and turn them into marks on a canvas. My visual language is an expression of not just the world around me, but interactions, time, sound, data, even narrative—the visual residue of my engagement with my world and its stories. I work in layers of acrylic, graphite, pigment and crayon, building texture and depth. Using my accumulated vocabulary of gestures, I make marks on the painting, and then respond to those marks in an ongoing conversation with the work. I experiment and then pause. Risk and then retreat. It’s a process of engagement and distillation, keeping what belongs and letting go of what doesn’t. Events are veiled, overwritten, or later exposed, leaving traces of their passage. Slowly, the paintings build their own history and develop a sense of place and narrative.
IG: @janettaylorart

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