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Brno, Czechia


Lenka Janů, known as, is a photographer with a focus on landscape, portraits, and particularly art and fine art photography. Her artistic mission is to capture the emotions and feelings that often fade in the real world and translate them into her work. She experiments with colour and light, blending elements of painting with photography to imbue her images with deep expression and impact. Her recent project centred around authentic portraits of individuals, aiming to convey their uniqueness and personality. Currently, she is dedicated to creating abstract art, using self-portraits as a canvas to express her own emotions and thoughts. In the near future, she also plans to explore hybrid photography as part of her creative journey.


My work changes and accompanies the shifts in my personal life. What started as a pure hobby with the main focus on product, family and event photography transformed into fine art photography and digital endeavours over the years. As a creative behind the lens of a camera, I realized that my uniqueness lies in post-production, aiming to highlight something deeper within the scenes I cover. My current passion is the so-called hybrid photography, where I intertwine classical photoshoots with the next step involving printing the photographs and photographing them again with the use of all sorts of materials and techniques, whether this includes hair, bark, ash, dirt, ice, water, fire; whatever you can think of that adds extra layers and depth to the composition. I then step behind my computer screen and continue exploring the story that unfolds through digital edits.

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