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Johor, Malaysia


Nadine Montille is a Mauritian artist based in Malaysia. She has lived in Delhi and Mumbai, India, and was based in Wilshire, UK. She is a mom of a teenage boy, an art educator and has been teaching for twenty years.

Inspired by the boundless colours unique to the tropical traits of South East Asian region, her compositions represent a deep understanding of the natural world and an awe of its unpredictable flow. She incorporates bold, somewhat delicate shapes of intuitive abstraction in her work. The natural complexity of colours lead to a dreamy organic composition of feminine perspective, both lush and abundant.

She is self-represented and enjoys collaborating with galleries upon invitation. Graduating in Mauritius in 2001 with a BA Hons. in Fine Art and Painting, She has been painting ever since. Her work has been on show in Beirut Lebanon, Mahé Seychelles, Florence Italy and her home country, Mauritius. She is continuously working on different projects to share the beauty of her surroundings and is constantly working with aspiring artists who want to elevate their artistic expression.

Nadine was a practicing artist before embracing motherhood. She had international exposure in Beirut and the Seychelles and participated in various group exhibitions in Mauritius Island.

In 2010, she had to put a pause to painting and focused on raising her son as well as travelling to Malaysia and India for the work. Last year, she decided to reconnect with her art and to spend quality time creating and painting. She has since then participated in a group exhibition in Florence, Italy as well as an online exhibition with the Art Mums United. Nadine is presently living in Malaysia and her work can be seen on different art platforms.

Instagram: @montilleart

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