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Livonia, MI, USA


Saswati Chakraborty is a professional artist from India, though presently living in the United States. She is self-taught and works in both digital and traditional (watercolor and acrylics) mediums. Recently, Saswati successfully completed an illustrator course from 21-draw. She has worked with watercolors for almost ten years and focuses on hyperrealism and botanical drawings. She takes a special interest in the field of detailed botanical sketches and drawings, as she is in the profession of a biologist. In digital media, Saswati mostly works with Procreate and takes a special interest in human portraits, creations of original fantasy creatures and mythological characters. She is well versed in Photoshop, as she has served as a business advisor and grooming mentor in one of India's leading 3d and VFX company franchisees from the year 2005 to 2009. Besides the artistic domain, Saswati has an MBA in Customer Relationships and has been tutoring students. She completed her Master's in the field of Microbiology in 2004 in India. Her watercolor works and blogs have been published by Doodle Wash (links will be provided on request).


Pouring life onto paper with colors and a creative mind have always attracted me since my childhood days. It has been a tremendous journey for me, starting from my kindergarten school projects, which I did using crayons, to my professional artist's life, where I now transfer my thoughts onto digital canvas. I am a self-taught artist who has tried different mediums such as crayons, watercolor, acrylic, oil painting, and graphic arts. Being a woman, I am fascinated by the inner feminine beauty of a woman and the means that women use to express themselves. My creations focus on women's portraits and gestures, detailed clothing and accessories, and a magical aura around them in a fantasy realm. Future vision: I believe appreciation, recognition and self-fulfilment is the ultimate motivation for an artist. Hence, I aspire to grow in terms of skills and versatility and definitely to earn a name for myself in our artists' community by working with like-minded groups, enthusiasts, directories and magazines.

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