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Tifton, GA, USA


Suzanne K Milton is a South Georgia-based abstract artist. Painting has become a passion of hers over the last decade, adding another discipline to her multi-hyphenate resume. Inspired by Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way,” she began painting as an exercise in self-discovery. She pushes the bounds of visual art through alcohol inks, acrylics, spray paint, and digital art. She enjoys exploring new techniques and mediums, most recently dabbling with gouache. Often selling pieces privately, her work can be found on display at The Hippie Chick in downtown Tifton, Georgia, USA.


I have always loved bright, bold colors, and I enjoy expressing myself through them. My paintings reflect my emotions, my highs and lows. I like to paint in the abstract because emotions aren't concrete, black-and-white concepts. They blend together, get confused together, contradict each other and don't always make sense. In addition to that, I have recently begun to use words in my paintings because sometimes I do want to give concrete expression to those emotions. I consider myself a multi-hyphenate artist, unable to stop at just one type of creative outlet! I love creating and collaborating in many different arenas- be it visual arts, theatre, film or fitness. I hope to inspire people of all backgrounds to express themselves, whether they have formal training or not. Put the pen to paper, put the paint on the canvas, step out onto that stage and show the world who you are!

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