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Lilly Martorana is a twenty-year-old American artist from Long Island, New York. Growing up in a family of artists, Martorana cultivated her craft throughout her adolescence. She is currently studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design and is on track to graduate in 2022 with her BFA in Painting. Martorana works mainly with charcoal and oil paints with distinct brightly colored subject matter of human forms and landscapes. Martorana uses her paintings as a tool to spread her message of feminism to the public. She believes that woman should be comfortable in their sexuality and leave behind any and all shame surrounding the loving of their bodies. 

I enjoy observing reactions when I unveil my provocative work. Some people take a step back, while others are drawn in closer. My subject matter is greatly influenced by social constructs that oppress women, so the female form is prevalent in my work. I break the stigma around a woman loving their body and their sexuality, so I paint them in the nude. As a woman who developed a bit early in life, I encountered catcalling and assault at an early age. I was taught to cover my chest and shoulders at the ripe age of ten. Although this concept was introduced to me early on, I never quite understood how something so natural as my skin could be negative. It is because of this that I want more women to be confident in their own skin, proudly nude to the world inside and out. Experimentation with color provides a framework for my subject matter. I almost never use actual skin tones, rather, I use a wide variety of color schemes to create a character in each piece. My approach to painting is thick and painterly to mimic the intensity of the themes I portray. I use a palette knife to create impasto marks and reference past genres of painting such as surrealism and impressionism to connect my work to a history of painting. Reclaiming traditional techniques with contemporary concepts.