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Martina Petrovicova is a self-taught emerging Slovak artist based in Brno, Czech Republic. She works mainly in watercolor which she is very fond of because of its expressiveness and unpredictability. She is inspired by the complexity of both her inner world and psyche as well as the real world around us. Martina‘s aim is to translate the subjects of the states of mind, emotions, feminity, and relationships into the colorful and spontaneous visual language which she believes is best suited for such a task. In her work, Martina is intrigued beyond the aesthetics and aims to communicate various aspects of women's existence. Martina was drawn to visual and musical language as forms of communication since her childhood. In the early years, she'd mainly drawn, sculpted, and played violin. It's only after she became a mother that she took up watercolor as her favorite medium. Martina received her Master’s degree in French Literature and Art History. Although she always desired to be an artist, it’s only motherhood that gave her confidence and unlocked the practicing artist in her. Apart from that, she had a chance to travel a lot and to live abroad for quite some time. Seeing the world and meeting people from different cultures, as well as becoming a mother formed her personality and philosophy of life which reflects in her paintings to this day.

Whilst painting, I'm just playing and trying to make sense of my mind, feelings, feminity, relationships, and the world that surrounds me. In order to capture the vast complexity of all of the above I preferer using nonrestrictive visual language. I believe that these subjects are better translatable into the shapes and colors than into words. Art is a sort of therapy for me. It helps me to come to terms with what‘s lying under the surface. To me, art is important not only as a pleasing aesthetic object but also for its capacity to communicate meaning. My art is very personal, and I'd like to believe that its openness and a certain vulnerability can help viewers to relate to my work and that it offers space for their own interpretations. I usually work intuitively letting the shapes emerge spontaneously from my brush strokes. Sometimes I have an idea on my mind, but often I just try to get into the creative flow and let the medium work for me. The picture then reveals itself during the process of work. This is both exciting and very reassuring. It teaches me to trust the process and to let go of any doubts or fears. For this reason, I love watercolor so much - it‘s unpredictable, expressive, and has a mind of its own, which I try to respect and follow.  Once the first layer is finished I then take some time to observe the piece, as if almost waiting for it to tell me how to proceed next. If no idea comes, I let it be and move on to another painting. As a result, I have tons of unfinished work at home, waiting for its moment to come. 





IG: @martinapetrovicova_art