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Do you want to put your art out there but find applying to art opportunities challenging? 

Do you struggle with transferring your ideas and thoughts into words for your written material (bios, statements)?

Do you find it difficult to prepare high quality images of your work that accurately represent your pieces?

Are you confused as to what the curators are looking for?

Then Submissions made easy is for you! This self-paced online course is a comprehensive guide to submitting to art opportunities without pressure, anxiety and fear. You'll learn:

how to write an accurate artist bio that authentically introduces you to your audience, curators, and other industry professionals.

how to craft an irresistible artist statement that deepens the understanding of your work and introduces your concept, thought process and beliefs to the reader

the main differences and features of artist bios, statements, CV

how to make your artist presentation consistent across various channels (written material, website, social media)

how to take high quality images of your work and prepare them for submissions

where to find opportunities that are a good match for your work

how to research if an opportunity is legitimate

how to write an eye-catching elevator pitch to reach out to galleries

My name is Mona Lerch, I'm a visual artist, artist coach and the founder of Women United ART MOVEMENT and Art Mums United, two global platforms that highlight and support women in the arts.

Over the past two years, I have worked with 100+ artists on refining their art practices, online presence, mindset and business skills. Since 2020, I have launched an artist directory, curated over 50 solo and 15 group exhibits, organized an international art prize (now in its second year) and launched a magazine. Through the calls for art I've read over 5000 artist bios, statements and have been exposed to thousands of artworks. I was able to identify the most common mistakes artists make when applying for art opportunities and compiled my knowledge that I utilize in my own art practice. By establishing a close relationship with the curators and jurors who I frequently collaborate with, I was able to gain insight into their selection process and I want to share all of it with you.

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