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Solon, IA, USA


Born in 1970 in New Jersey and raised in Iowa, Kimberlee Rocca studied Design, Printmaking, and Fiber Arts at The University of Iowa before earning her BFA in Metal Smithing in 1991. During her studies, Rocca was introduced to Foil Imaging, a unique process which combines traditional printmaking techniques with commercial foil printing processes. Her current body of work utilizes substrates she rescues from the home-building job site dumpsters. The scraps are amassed in her studio, where they go on a lifecycle journey, transforming into Mixed Media wall sculptures, table sculptures and mobiles in 2 and 3 dimensions. These medium explorations fuel the creativity in her two-dimensional works and sculptural installations included in collections of The University of Iowa, The University of Missouri St. Louis, and Kirkwood Community College. Her work is expandable for large-scale corporate installations. She works from sketches, scale models and color pallets fitted to specific projects and welcomes collaborative projects. In addition to her studio work, she is locally recognized for her custom home designs and project management skills in the Iowa City, Iowa, area with unique architectural features, attention to livability in home design, sculptural elements and mosaic installations. Her custom home portfolio can be seen at


For as long as I can remember, my artistic journey has been fueled by a fascination with puzzles, mosaics, and collages. This enduring passion has evolved into a dedicated pursuit of assembling pieces into creations that evoke wonder and joy. My work is deeply rooted in spiritual journeys and personal narratives, reflecting the cycles of nature and relationships. Through the transformative power of discarded materials, I weave modern collage stories characterized by unconventional shapes and vibrant hues. Each creation holds individual and collective significance, mirroring the interwoven narratives of our lives. Blending salvaged construction debris with foils, paints, and pastels, my abstract pieces capture the collision of the natural world and human constructs, inviting boundless interpretations. By day, I immerse myself in new home construction while simultaneously pursuing my passion as a mixed media artist. I channel my love for color, process, experimentation, and reclamation into vibrant, textural 2D and 3D abstract works. Formed from discarded wood sheeting and other debris scavenged from job sites, I breathe new life into these substrates, crafting wall and table sculptures that radiate with bold colors and wild shapes, intentionally embracing imperfections. In a world of disposability, I find inspiration in reimagining common fabrication substrates, rescuing them from obscurity and transforming them into modern tapestries of beauty. This collection represents an expansion of my ongoing exploration, both in scale and in the intimate interactions between materials and narratives. Each piece tells a story of rescue and transformation, inviting viewers to see beauty in the overlooked and discarded.

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