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Artist, Mother, Proud & Serious provides a valuable insight into the creative practices of artist mothers worldwide. It is the ultimate collection of powerful stories of women who face challenges and their fears head-on. With thirty-four inspiring interviews, it aims to give voice to artists often disregarded in the art world or not taken seriously by industry professionals because they don’t fit the old-fashioned model of a “professional artist”.

Women United ART MOVEMENT is on a mission to challenge this stigma by uplifting and encouraging all creative caregivers to embrace their multiple identities and dare to call themselves artists.

Published by: Women United ART MOVEMENT

Editor In Chief: Mona Lerch

Design Consultant: Heather Sportsman

Cover Artist: Mary Claire Tillotson


Publication date: 2023

Length: 406 pages

Available: print, digital

Listed price: USD 59 (print), USD 19.99 (digital)


Antonina Pidlisna, Aomi Kikuchi, Camille Myles, Ceili Seipke, Claudia Pollack, Debbie Jaffa, Dia Bassett, Elena Rousseau, Ellen Holleman, Emelie A Glessner, Emma Pittson, Erin Drakeford, Holly Archer, Ilze Egle, Jennifer Scales, Julia Hacker, Julia Katolla, Julia Kobrin, Kara Dunne, Kristen Palana, Leila Angelina Freiburg, Madison Hendry, Marelou Janzen, Margot Dermody, Mary Claire Tillotson, Megan Arné, Melissa Newman, Paula Metz DiSciullo, Renée Switkes, Rruz, Sarah Peoples, Skye Holland, Valerie Milo, Vanessa Hiller

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