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Amsterdam, Netherlands


I’m a Polish mosaicist, based in Amsterdam.

After receiving a BA in Integrated Communication in The Netherlands, I worked in advertising for a while before I decided to quit and to move to Italy to follow my dreams of becoming a mosaic artist. I learned from the best in the field and graduated from Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli in Spilimbergo with a Maestra Mosaicista degree. Upon my return to Amsterdam, Aurora Mosaics was founded.

Each piece of my mosaics is handcrafted using a special hammer (martelina) and hardie (tagliolo), following the traditional Italian method. I make unique wall art pieces as well as private commissions and commercial projects.


The art of cutting stones is so physical and meditative. Oftentimes it takes me into the state of flow, where time doesn’t exist. I’m fascinated by this moment of true magic, where mind and body are in perfect sync.
The internal stillness that follows. The Silence.

Mosaics helps me to learn and to practice the notion that when faced with uncertainty all we can do is to let go of our need for always being in control.

The main focus of this series is an exploration of the gentle and soothing quality of the mosaics, where pieces merge and fuse together.
“Silence” is that point in time and space, where the sharp lines blur, and where the rough and physical becomes fluid and unbroken.

Instagram: @aurora_mosaics

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