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Wilmington, NC, USA


Ann Miller Smith creates art through a colorful lens and a love of pattern and texture. While the subject matter of her work varies, bold and unexpected color is the anchor that ties it all together. Painted from intuition and expressive of adventure, Smith’s work urges the viewer to use their imagination and create a narrative of their own. Smith lives and works in Wilmington, North Carolina. She studied Studio Art at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (BA, 2021) and Fashion Development at North Carolina State University (BS, 2015). Smith’s work has been exhibited by multiple galleries, including 311 Gallery, Five 3 Gallery, Las Lagunas Art Gallery, and VAE Raleigh. Her work will be included in the upcoming group exhibition, Chroma, at Paradigm Gallery.


Emphasizing a narrative of wanderlust, freedom and adventure, the process of this work begins by piecing together various images that I feel have an untold story within them. By balancing individual elements that spark my interest, I create a collage that will then become the reference for my paintings. Through the use of vibrant hues and interesting color combinations, this work radiates a playfulness and a sense of endless possibility. While simultaneously representing the bits and pieces of the world swirling around in my head and a fictional story of a feminine adventurer, these paintings are made for the lover of color, the one who doesn’t take life too seriously and is always waiting to jet set on to the next escapade.
IG: @artbyannmiller

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