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Mexico City, Mexico


Claudia Robles-Gil is a 27-year-old emerging artist from Mexico City. Growing up between Mexico and the US, and the opportunity to travel extensively throughout her life, have deeply influenced her art by exposing her to a rich tapestry of multicultural experiences that have shaped her perspective. Claudia's practice began early in childhood, but it was only at university that she fell in love with oil painting. She received her B.S. in Psychology from Tufts University in 2018 while attending the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. During this time, her work was presented in exhibitions and literary magazines in Mexico City, Boston, and Munich. Most recently, her work was exhibited at Visionary Art Collective, Boston City Hall, and Kathryn Schulz Gallery in Cambridge, MA. In 2021, Claudia relocated to NYC to pursue her artistic career and continue her practice at the Art Students League of New York. Claudia specializes in creating vibrant oil paintings that showcase the emotional depths of nature, culture, and people. Her work features natural and cultural landscapes and organic elements intertwined with the human form, expressed through bold brushstrokes and rich, saturated colors to create a dynamic sense of energy and movement. Recurring themes in her work include the fleeting beauty and wisdom of the natural world, and its profound interconnectedness with the human psyche. Claudia's art closely interweaves these themes with her cultural identity. Her Mexican heritage has imbued in her a deep reverence for nature, and she strives to infuse her art with its vibrant colors, organic forms, and elemental forces. By sharing her art with others, she hopes to inspire a deeper appreciation for the world around us and an awareness of our place within it, ultimately making a meaningful contribution to the art of her times.


I aim to create work that provides a portal to a single moment in time, uniquely defined by its spatial and temporal arrangement: a gateway to eternity through nature. By studying the world, I witness the ways in which it is intricately woven into the very fabric of our existence. I distill these moments onto canvas, inviting viewers to experience nature firsthand. And by listening closely to the silence, I hear nature's profound lessons. The crashing waves of the ocean inspire the feminine force within me, that which flows with grace through adversity. The gentle peacefulness of a tree reminds me to be. To let my experiences unfold without resistance, as leaves sprout from its branches. The solidity of a mountain inspires my masculine: the immovable object of determination. Finally, the sky reminds me that this is the moment, one that changes every second. Sunsets invite me to embrace transformation and accept endings, for sunsets are proof of their beauty. So I paint these lessons, quietly but with conviction, as a vibrant celebration of the ways in which the natural world guides us. Finally, being intuitively attuned to color and nature’s hold on my spirit is greatly influenced by my Mexican cultural heritage, which is central to my work. Mexico is a country bursting with color and deeply interconnected with Mother Earth. Cempasuchil flowers, Día de Muertos altars, tropical fruits, and Oaxacan landscapes make a powerful presence in my art, symbolizing Mexico’s spiritual connection to the metaphysical via nature. Finally, through my travels, I've come to appreciate the unique ways in which nature speaks to other cultures. Ultimately, my goal is to provide viewers a portal to a moment, one that can spark awareness and understanding that we are as much part of nature as it is part of us.

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