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Barrington, RI, USA


Erin Starr is an award-winning international artist currently residing in Rhode Island, USA. Her current body of work serves as a profound dialogue between our planet’s crises and her creative expression. Erin is an elected artist member of the Art League of Rhode Island, Hera Gallery, the National Association of Women Artists, and Shared Habitat Earth. In 2024, her work was selected for shows at the Vanda Gallery in NY, the Bristol Art Museum in RI, the Art Complex Museum in MA, and Roger Williams University in RI. In recent years, she has exhibited in locations throughout the United States and Europe, including the Powerhouse Arts NYC, University Of Rhode Island, University of Hawaii, Bristol Art Museum RI, Art Complex Museum MA, Arc Gallery in Chicago, Fort Points Arts Gallery Boston MA, One Art Space Gallery NYC, and the National Arts Club in Manhattan NY. Her international shows include the Ghent Belfort in Belgium and ongoing shows with Little Van Gogh in Belgium and Germany. She is also the recipient of a 1st place award at the Pawtucket Foundation Prize Show, Global Art Virtuoso Elite Artist Award, International Premier Artist Prize 2024, and the Art of Healing at the SIY Gallery in San Francisco, CA. Her work has been included in several publications globally, including the Women United Art Magazine. Her paintings can be found in private collections around the world, including South Korea, Canada, Germany, Israel, Belgium, France, Spain, Nepal, and the United States.


In my art series “OF THE EARTH,” I am creating a story of our planet. The paintings bring the Earth alive, in an organic and abstract way. I want to inspire others to think about not only the beauty of the planet but also how humans are causing irreversible climate change affecting every aspect of the land and oceans. Our land and oceans are transforming, and as our planet continues to warm, we see these effects become more profound and rapid. I am creating a story through painting of our planet but, most importantly, a message about climate change, the human impact on the environment, and what is infinite or finite. This is the story we are writing, the history we are making, and the future we will be living.

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