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Sydney NSW, Australia


Katerina Novotna is a dancer, dance teacher, choreographer and mother currently residing in Sydney, Australia. Katerina has been dancing for over 25 years and has been teaching since the age of 15. She has numerous awards from both national and international dance competitions.

Katerina was born in the Czech Republic, Europe. She has a background in Eco-Chemistry and Physical Chemistry - Nanotechnology. After successfully enrolling in a PhD program, she realized that her greatest passion is no longer science but her beloved dancing. She quit her studies and pursued her dream as a professional dancer.

Over the years, she has taught in many dance studios in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. She attended both national and international dance workshops to master new techniques, and she performed in several theatre shows.

She is currently living with her daughter and partner, working, teaching and choreographing for L.I.K.E. Dance Studio. Her main goal is to open her own dance studio.

IG: @katerina_kat_novotna

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