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Hove, Brighton and Hove, UK


Ksenia Semirova, an embroidery artist based in Hove (UK), came to this craft as a mature person with a complete understanding that it was the only suitable career path for her. That's why she quit industrial design, which was her original background. Ksenia realized that creating mass-production didn't suit her at all, and concept design, one of her favorite areas, often remained as prototypes and renders. She aimed to create real products that could bring happiness and a bit of magic to real people. That's how Ksenia ended up with an MA in Textiles from the University of Brighton, which she graduated with Distinction in 2022. At the university, she had the opportunity to combine her previous knowledge and experience with her interest in visual research and exploration of Russian pearl embroidery, a national ancient technique that had been almost lost in the 20th century. Her goal is not only to preserve the traditional approach but also to experiment and give it a contemporary interpretation by mixing it with various embroidery methods, such as Luneville embroidery, which she also practices.


Ksenia Semirova, Hove based embroidery artist, has been honing her skills in embroidery for the part several years. She believes her job is to perform magic. Such a term describes perfectly the outcome got of the manipulating such a plain supplies as threads, beads, tiny plastic or metal pieces, and investigating cultural, historical, environmental, social and political contexts. In uncovering, enhancing, interweaving such notions, and blending with the personal way of seeing, she aims to produce the complex, creative result. Using a variety of hand embroidery techniques — Luneville, pearl embroidery, goldwork, etc. — Ksenia creates personal artistic outcome through observation and the mix of various contexts. She aims to evoke emotions: from curiosity, that leads to the question “How was it done?”, to happiness. She strongly believes that such craft as embroidery benefits both the creator, through the ability to share the level of artistry, and the audience, that getting truly unique piece of work with part of maker’s personality. Ksenia’s research and creative process involve a balance between past and present. She is particularly interested in the exploring and experimenting with heritage. She aims to both preserving traditions and seeking alternative contemporary interpretation for ideas discovered in the past. Above all, Ksenia’s goal is reflecting socio-cultural context and visualising personal interpretation of such processes through the craft.
IG: @kseniasemirova

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