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Oslo, Norway


Lise Bjerkan is a multi-disciplinary artist who loves colourful acrylics, black ink, collage, photography, and storytelling. She is based in Oslo, Norway, and expresses herself through painting, photography, and writing. She completed her education in visual arts at Nydalen Kunstskole in Oslo and has also studied fine art photography at Oslo Fotokunstskole.

Lise has a PhD in social anthropology and a master’s degree in journalism/media development. Her curiosity was what attracted her to both fields. Curiosity about the world and the many ways people arrange their lives. Curiosity about the ways people establish meaning in their lives. Curiosity about why people do what they do. Curiosity is also her driving force as an artist: What stories will unfold in the next piece she makes?


Through abstract paintings and photographs, I create visual stories others can build on and adopt as their own.​

My favourite storytelling tools are acrylic, ink, soft pastels, crayons, and photographs. The latter is also one of my most important sources of inspiration, along with music and travelling. While photographs and music tend to take me down memory lane and evoke places, people and perceptions I might have long forgotten, travelling introduces me to new places, people and perception.

I often start a painting by making a collage. Even if it is later covered by paint, it still leaves behind traces and fragments of unfolding stories.

I rarely know how a picture will turn out until it is almost complete. I allow myself to improvise, experiment, get lost, and have fun in the process. Thus, each picture unfolds as a journey to an unknown destination.

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