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Find a balance between presenting your work and yourself as the artist. You might need to experiment a little. Play with your posts, stories and reels and consider the interaction and engagement. Just like anything else in your life, your story influences your work - your art. You need to complete the message behind your art by showing your audience who you truly are and what makes you happy, sad, excited, and anxious. People connect with people. People buy from people. You are unique, and so is your journey. You have the power to inspire others...

Artist Resource | ONLINE PRESENCE

  • 13 pages, printable


    01 Be yourself

    02 Engage

    03 Bio

    04 The hook, bridge and call to action

    05 Scheduling your content

    06 Content

    07 Celebrate your wins

    08 Unwanted messages

    09 Paid advertisement

    + worksheet

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