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London, UK


Elise Mendelle aims at visually describing a thought, feeling or emotion so the viewer can explore and anticipate what comes next. Her love of painting is focused on capturing a moment of time; it could be a portrait or a landscape, but it is always a snapshot in time of something intense and meaningful.
Elise is constantly pushing herself to reach new levels of expressiveness by examining feelings and interiority. Through loose brushstrokes and a ‘less is more’ painting style, her work has opened so that the viewer can delve deeper to understand fully what they are seeing.

Elise is inspired by emerging artists, amateurs, the masters, nature, people and places...just about everything. She is always thinking, developing and pushing herself as a creative person, to bring new ideas to life.


An artist has a powerful creative voice and message; I wish to communicate power through expression, and create an understanding of what people go through on a day to day basis. You may think you know what someone is experiencing, but there is often something deeper that will emerge if you look further. This is an important lesson in terms of empathy and support in our modern world.

I am continuously progressing and achieving more and more with my art. I have recently attempted portraits in a more impressionist, loose style. I use oils on canvas; I love the way the paints blend into each other and take great pride in mixing and developing my brush strokes. I absolutely love being part of group exhibitions and am growing fonder as time goes on of being part of the emerging art world.
My works have been exhibited in London, New York, Rome, Milan and Luxembourg.

"I started painting again when I was pregnant with my third child. I decided that I needed something solely for me, to give me space and time to breathe and focus on myself and my needs before becoming a mother of three young kids.

Fast forward more than 10 years later, and my three kids are my support, my champions and sometimes my harshest critics. They absolutely love seeing me progress and develop with my artistic practice, and love telling their friends that their mum is ‘famous’ and has over 5K Instagram followers!

My journey into motherhood involves three career changes: from a chiropractor to a business owner to a social media creative director, all alongside my art career. Becoming a mother has given me so many coping skills as well as a strong realisation - for me to champion my kids towards their achievements, I have to do the same for myself and teach them by example.

I believe that setbacks are a part of life, and getting through them with determination and courage will not only make you stronger, but will teach you for the next roadblock. I’ll need this strength to navigate through these upcoming teenage years of my children! "

IG: @impressionsbyelise

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