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Chicago, IL, USA


Originally from Detroit, Jacqueline Diesing is a mixed media artist and architect, living in Chicago. Jacqueline obtained a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from The University of Michigan in 2005. Her body of work focuses on the juxtaposition of historical architecture in ruins and soft, vibrant nature.

In 2020, she was pleased to be accepted and interviewed as a featured artist for All SHE Makes’ debut online directory. Jacqueline was also delighted to be accepted to the I Like Your Work Podcast’s juried exhibition “CONGRUENCE” in June of 2020. In response to the pandemic, Jacqueline participated in Far x Wide’s “Willing the Season” exhibition and Rosalux Gallery’s “Open Door 16” virtual exhibition. Recently, Jacqueline’s work was part of Visionary Art Collective’s “Mirror in the Dark” virtual exhibition. Her artwork can be found on her website and the curated retail experience: SHOWFIELDS. Her work can also be found in the curated directories of All SHE Makes, Carve Out Time For Art, Where are the Women Artists (from ArtGirlRising), Visionary Art Collective and Now Be Here Art.


After losing my job as an architect during the recession, I rediscovered my love of art. At first, I started drawing again because I desperately needed a creative outlet during a financially and emotionally stressful period. My inspiration at that time stemmed from other areas of the planet that were hurting, ultimately leading to my endangered Humphead Wrasse “Fish” piece.

I then thought about Detroit, the city where I’m from, which has been known for its decline since the late sixties. For most of my life, whenever the city was mentioned in the media, it was usually accompanied by images of abandoned buildings. Recently, however, the city has been experiencing a second renaissance. As an adult, rediscovering the city, I could not help but imagine these abandoned masterpieces, crumbling in on themselves, restored to their former beauty. It was in these moments that the idea of capturing the buildings in their current state and surrounding them with life came to fruition. For me, there is beauty and a profound memory in the ruins. Juxtaposing them with vibrant, brilliant, energetic life gives hope for the present and future while honoring the past.

Most recently, the pandemic caused painful memories from the recession to resurface, not to mention I have been grieving the devastating loss of my mother. Drawn to examine my own health and healing over the past several years, I dug deeper into issues stemming from childhood. My latest in progress work depicts the adult self, beginning to blossom after examining and addressing inner child wounds.

I have come to realize that my healing journey began when I started drawing again "just for me" back in 2011. My path towards wellness is all right there, expressed in my art.

IG: @jacquelinediesing

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