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Birmingham, UK


Ning Chang is a jewellery artist based in Birmingham with a background in graphic design and illustration. She obtained her graduate diploma and master's degree from Birmingham City University School of Jewellery and currently holds a residency artist position there. Her art predominantly utilises metal and is often inspired by personal experiences. She previously showcased her work in the residency artist exhibition 'Nineteen' at BCU School of Jewellery and is set to exhibit a cloisonné piece in The Holly Art Gallery's 'Future Stars' exhibition in London in August. Additionally, her series of jewellery pieces, titled 'Screw Femininity,' will be featured in the upcoming exhibition 'Crafted Elegance: A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation' at the Blackdot Gallery in May.


In my work, I am deeply compelled by the use of symbolism, drawing inspiration from both personal experiences and social issues to forge a profound connection with my audience. Specializing in designing exquisite jewellery, I employ enamelling and cloisonné techniques to create intricate illustrations that imbue each piece with a unique charm and character. Additionally, I integrate various materials with metal to craft pieces that reflect my perspective on pressing issues. This approach often yields thought-provoking and captivating works of art that resonate deeply with my audience.

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