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Weekly Wonder Woman | Women United ART PRIZE 2022 Finalists Edition - Kateryna Brovkova

Odesa / Ukraine

Kateryna Brovkova is an artist, illustrator & fashion designer from Ukraine. Currently, she lives in Munich, Germany. She was forced to relocate due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine temporarily. She is a participant and a winner of multiple arts and fashion competitions. She has been working in fashion & commercial illustration and design for many years, producing her own Illustration brands of prints and postcards in Ukraine and worldwide and being a part of the worldwide fashion illustration and design community. She has always paid attention to fashion details, patterns, textiles, and colors, starting from her parents' clothes in her childhood. She began to draw at three, then learned to draw and express the forms and objects using different mediums and technics. The main themes of her work now are a compilation of the fashion industry, references to the cultures of different countries, traditional ornaments of Ukraine, the theme of nature, and of course, the theme of women, their inner world, their dreams, and interaction with the external world.

Who are you (tell us briefly about yourself)?

I am an artist, painter, illustrator & fashion designer from Ukraine. I'm a participant and winner of multiple international arts and fashion competitions and exhibitions. I've been working in the field of art & fashion for many years, producing my own illustration brands of prints and postcards in Ukraine and worldwide and being a part of the worldwide fashion illustration, art, design & NFT community. Art can transmit global values and be an influencer for industries. All my paintings touch upon important social and psychological themes, various phenomena on a planetary scale, and personal reflections on living through important periods of my life. Mixed media and digital art are my paintings' most commonly used materials.

What inspires your art practice?

Art & fashion are my passion. Also, gratitude for many ordinary things and, sure, the amazing people who happen in my life, the deepest kindness and empathy - it's all my unlimited inspiration. Another endless source of inspiration for me is spending time near the seas, and oceans, travelling the world and getting to know other cultures. Noticing beauty and aesthetics is also a skill that needs to be trained. And if you do it regularly, you are always in the space of inspiration.

What drives you to keep going every day?

Just two things. The first thing is the understanding that I'm living my life right now. And the simple question: When, if not now?

What's the number one advice to fellow women artists?

My main two pieces of advice are - don't compare yourself to others, but only to yourself in progress; the second is to improve and practice constantly.


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