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Los Angeles, CA, USA


Adeola is a versatile and accomplished multidisciplinary artist who seamlessly blends various media to create captivating visual experiences through the harmonious interplay of colors and forms. Her keen awareness of the emotional impact of colors is evident in her work, where vibrant palettes evoke joy and happiness.

Adeola's artistic journey took a notable turn with her first public exhibition at the National Orange Show, where she received an honorable mention for her piece, "Wings of Love." Since then, she has garnered numerous accolades for her exceptional paintings and jewelry designs. Notably, Adeola was the featured artist at the 1997 Inland Empire Alzheimer’s Association Art Auction and the Annual African-American Artist Festival, with her images "Serenity" and "Praising the Lord" chosen as poster representations.

Her artistic footprint extends to both local and national juried shows, and she has also served as a juror for local art competitions. Adeola takes pride in her involvement with the African American Summerfest, where she curated the youth exhibition "Tomorrow’s Masters," honoring students from kindergarten through 12th grade. She also contributed to the formulation of the County Cultural Plan for San Bernardino County as a task force committee member.

Adeola's works are part of both public and private collections, gracing institutions such as the Riverside Art Museum, Chaffey Community Museum of Art, National Orange Show, Universal Studios, City of Riverside, Oklahoma Arts Council, Ronald McDonald House, and Redlands United Church of Christ.

Working in diverse mediums, Adeola's repertoire includes acrylics and oils, with a particular fondness for printmaking in oil. Her exploration of printmaking processes has enriched her artistic expression. Beyond painting, Adeola extends her artistic prowess to enamels and metalsmithing, crafting exquisite wearable art.

Adeola's work has also appeared in various television dramas, including "Grey's Anatomy," "Blackish," "Insecure," "The Neighborhood," "Bob Hearts Abishola," among others.


I am a Southern California artist with a multidisciplinary approach to my work. I create non-objective and figurative abstractions using a mix of acrylic, printmaking, digital collages, and other media on various substrates.

Color is a key element in my paintings, creating an atmospheric feel through layers of warm and cool tones that shift with light and perspective. Visual imagery of people, animals, and nature emerges through shadows, silhouettes, and intersecting lines.

I infuse positive manifestation words and phrases onto blank substrates, encapsulating their energy as I intuitively build layers to balance the conscious and unconscious. Dots are a recurrent motif in my art, representing the abstract connections between humanity.

My paintings evoke femininity, spirituality, and nature, exploring the relationship between humanity and the natural world through abstract art influenced by my Yoruba culture.

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