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Pescara, Italy


Alessandra Dieffe is the pseudonym that this emerging artist has chosen to enter and establish herself in the world of art. She graduated in Sociology from the Faculty of Education of Urbino with a major in History and Criticism of Cinema. In 1988, she attended a drawing course with the painter Sandro Visca to develop her innate predisposition to art. She continued honing her skills as a self-taught artist until she discovered the creative possibilities of new media art, including digital art, thanks to a master at the University of Florence. Through new media art, she wants to propose a universe of images mainly linked to cinema. Alessandra Dieffe participated in various collective exhibitions such as the Arte Laguna Prize 16.17 in Venice, the Biennale dei Normanni in Monreale in 2020, XIII Florence Biennale in 2021, Flash of Color in Bologna in 2024 and her artworks have been published in many catalogues of art. She won the first prize (front cover) in the book project and contest “Excellent Art 2022” by curator and editor G. Walter and was among the finalists of the Women United ART PRIZE 2022 and 2023.


The execution of my works takes place with digital artistic techniques, that is, with the use of software and applications suitable for drawing and painting with a wide range of colors and tools. The ductility of digital tools allows you to resort to different creative solutions and correct them endlessly. The world of movies is my main source of inspiration; it feeds my imagination for the creation of my work, reworking the sensations, emotions, and ideas aroused by the films and recalling those of the past. The different possibilities offered by the chosen technique are therefore used for the purpose of composing images depicting shots and angles or capturing intense and meaningful faces. Sometimes, I focus my attention on other subjects, such as social or environmental themes.

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