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Nashville, TN, USA


Anna McKeown is an embroidery and mixed-media artist living in Nashville, TN. Anna grew up in Southern Illinois and was raised by a big family with a love for gardening, antiques, and domestic crafts. In her work she explores her mental health journey and personal relationships.
She is the Gallery Coordinator for the educational gallery at Harpeth Hall, and every once in a while she'll try to be funny at an open mic. She lives in East Nashville with her husband, their son, and their giant dog.


My work explores my identity and mental health journey through artistic mediums traditionally associated with femininity and domestic craft. I utilize hand-embroidery techniques I learned from my grandmother in childhood to add text in my work that conveys personal feelings about myself and my life experiences. Often working as a double interpretation, these words reflect my complex feelings about myself and my relationships. By utilizing what are otherwise joyful combinations of color, print and texture, I create hand stitched textile works permeated with a covert and often humorous commentary of self-identity and understanding.

IG: @anna_mckeown_

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