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Tarnos, France


As the photographer captures a precise moment, through my drawings, I transcribe moments of life. Rigorous in my art, I choose portraiture for its relationship to humans, to exchange, to connections. My style is to draw reality, to explore everyday life in all its forms, in its true light. Being closest to human feelings and situations through aesthetic and poetic moments. I have a particular interest in simple joys, difficulties and injustices. For my research, the subject's environment is as important as the subject itself. I choose photographs in an intimate setting or in public. Certain places are particularly exploited to represent the poetic intimacy of the moment. My works are nourished and inspired by real models during my photo shoots that I carry out myself or in collaboration with professional photographers. From drawing to drawing, from pencil stroke to pencil stroke, I improved my line to get as close as possible to the reality of the model. As aesthetic as it is communicative, each model is highlighted. My collections are often portraits of women. My creations are intended to support their causes. On the one hand, these questions are close to my heart. On the other hand, because their world inspires me, it is a form of homage to who they are. My works are exhibited in France in Biarritz and Paris and in Spain in Madrid.

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