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Detroit, MI, USA


Diana is the artist behind Sloppyperfect Art Studio. Originally from Latvia, Diana is an American artist who lives in metro Detroit, Michigan. Her travels and work took her to Malaysia, where she fell in love with the expressive and whimsical nature of abstract art. Deciding to take a break from the corporate world gave her an opportunity to focus on developing her own artistic style. As a self-taught artist, her painting process evolved to be mostly intuitive, and she loves experimenting with texture and different mediums as well as combining soft and bold colors. Diana creates abstract paintings on canvas, wood or silk that are inspired by nature, the universe, and her travels around the world. She is drawn to the mystery of abstract art, how it sparks imagination and evokes different emotions in those who interact with it.


Sloppyperfect is the metaphor Diana Fleysher chose for her art. It is about prioritizing joy with a whimsical twist and refers to embracing imperfection and allowing oneself to explore and create without the pressure of perfection. It encourages a playful and lighthearted approach to one's artistic pursuits and life in general and emphasizing the importance of starting and taking small steps rather than getting caught up in overthinking or self-judgment. It's about finding joy and possibility in the process, even if things may not turn out perfectly.

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