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Fahime Saeedi is a visual artist from an average Iranian family who graduated with a degree in Humanities and Architecture. As a forty-two-year-old, she has been interested in writing since her childhood. Fahime dabbles into various areas of creativity as she is also an architect, painter, theorist, illustrator, clothing and jewelry designer, inventor in various fields of art, medicine and industry, storyteller, narrator, poet, drawing and painting instructor for children aged five to twelve, as well as adults. Her teaching approach is to use the psychology of color. The art of painting is based on geometry, mathematics, history, etc., because she believes that a good artist must know all these disciplines to create a work worthy of attention.


The artistic style used by me as a designer, whether in architecture or painting, jewelry design, etc., touches on the presumption that human beings feel afraid to express their feelings, such as fear, love, kindness, and anger. My artistic style helps others to express themselves as they are, regardless of people's judgments - to express their views on various issues in children's language. Every person has an inner child that they refer to without anyone noticing. My artistic style, influenced by abstract expressionism, helps others show their inner self where they can talk about anger, fear, kindness, etc., in a more straightforward language. And inspired by this style, they can quickly draw and release matters that bother them or make them happy.

IG: @yek_daneh

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