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Hudson Valley, NY, USA


"Arrange whatever pieces come your way" is a quote by Virginia Woolf that describes Fay Wood's craft. Fay Wood has been a fine artist for more than 60 years, and she currently works out of her studio in the Hudson Valley, NY. She works in a variety of mediums, with found object sculpture being her principal interest. Fay also makes oil paintings on canvas or vintage glass reversed, drawings, collages and tapestries. Over the years, she has shown her work in Italy, Germany, England, across the US, and now online. Her art has been awarded numerous prizes, including the National Sculpture Society's Proskauer prize, winning five of's competitions, and she is the finalist in Women United ART PRIZE 2023. Fay's art has also been featured at, Private Air Magazine, and Art Market Magazine and appeared in Burt Wolf's documentary on online art (PBS). Fay Wood's work may be seen in her studio, website, as well as and


Art using found objects has attracted me since 1965, when I was living in the San Francisco Bay Area and saw the huge sculptures made from objects found on the shore. They were fantastic, noisy, beautiful works with a great sense of humor and vitality. I have never forgotten them. In 1992, having established a permanent studio in the Hudson Valley, NY, I began to combine found materials with wood carvings I had been doing. I started using vintage wood, metal, and layered rag paper and adding interesting bits and pieces to the mix. I tend to be a traditionalist in that I like works that have a fine finish, permanence, and uniqueness. I have an extensive exhibition history beginning in 1960 and continuing with a solo exhibition in the summer of 2024 at the Olive Branch Gallery, Olive Bridge, NY.

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