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Great Neck, NY, USA


Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Gail made a name for herself as a talented textile designer, fashion designer, and dinnerware designer. In Brooklyn, Gail dedicated her free time to drawing and painting, playing with various concepts and colour combinations, and saving every design in a special notebook that served as her own library. Following her graduation with a B.A. in Fine Arts from Brooklyn College, Gail continued her education at the Fashion Institute of Technology, earning an A.A.S. degree in both textile design and fashion design. This equipped Gail with the necessary skills to embark on a successful career in the garment industry. Gail gained valuable experience in the garment industry over the course of many years before taking a new entrepreneurial step. She launched a website to showcase and sell her own uniquely designed dinnerware creations. After a fulfilling career in the garment industry and dinnerware industry, Gail made the decision to rekindle her passion for drawing and painting. Her artwork is characterized by a whimsical, vibrant and contemporary style, drawing inspiration from her travels, surroundings, and the beauty of nature.


My art is a manifestation of freedom mirroring my emotions and mood at the time of creation. I find the most joy creating colorful abstract shapes that captivate the viewer's attention. When I immerse myself in the process of creating art, I become united with the artwork. So engrossed am I in the piece that the outside world fades away and I enter a creative zone where only the art exists.

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