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Bethesda, MD, USA


My artistic studies began in college while pursuing a bachelor's of fine art with an emphasis in Graphic Design. I quickly realized that I preferred working with my hands more than through a computer. Ever since High School, I have played with makeup artistry, and after college, I quickly found an exciting career as a professional makeup artist. I fell in love with the energy of the industry, the feel of makeup art, the artistic medium and the impermanence of the style.

The shut down in 2020 effectively cancelled all work I had lined up for the year and gave me a terrifying yet much-needed pause. During this time, I took the opportunity to paint.

I have always worked within a human connection. I thrive on moving within a shared space and energy. This pause granted me space to focus on myself and the multitude of emotions I’ve been moving through. My work is a visual manifestation of emotion and also a release. I am drawn to vibrant colors and mixing different mediums, oftentimes pulling from my makeup kit to utilize makeup in ways that I have not been able to before. I enjoy soft blending juxtaposed with linear movement and playing with the movement of aerosol paint.


My work explores the energetic movement of vibrant color and texture. I am drawn to pink and the versatility of aerosol paint mixed with cosmetics. As a professional makeup artist, I experience freedom when I use makeup outside the context of beauty. I am exploring the depths of this current color palette and the emotions that it carries, both while painting and how people feel when experiencing my art.

IG: @gina_robinson_artist

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