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Cologne, Germany


Haejin Yoo, a self-taught acrylic artist born in Seoul, South Korea, creates surrealistic expressionist art to evoke past and present emotions. Haejin's signature approach is to paint on raw canvas, symbolizing her belief that all things start from the ground. She hand-stretches each canvas before applying a series of techniques and complex colors. Hand-dyed red thread is sewn into the canvas to signify the represented moment. Haejin's artistic passion was discovered at a young age but was suppressed until her late twenties. She now lives in Cologne, Germany with her husband and 20 months old little girl, where she exhibits her work across Europe, including winning the First Prize Abstract Award at FIRA International Art Fair Barcelona 2022 and exhibiting at The Other Art Fair London 2023.


As a self-taught acrylic artist, I find raw canvas reflective of the foundations we must lay in life. Using untouched natural surfaces challenges me and aligns with my personal philosophy. I strive for viewers to understand the symbolic meaning behind the plants, animals, and flowers I incorporate into my work. As I apply colours and details, I become consumed by the process, allowing the painting to take hold of me. I finish each piece by stitching my name with hand-dyed red thread, symbolizing strength and connection. My art serves as a personal journal exploring the complex and often opposing emotions we experience. I hope viewers connect with the emotions expressed in my work and understand that these feelings are not one-dimensional.
IG: @haejinyooart

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