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Riga, Latvia


Ilze Egle is a contemporary artist and curator, MA of Fine Arts, and member of the Latvian Union of Artists. Ilze paints, draws, and creates NFTs working mostly in oil and mixed media. Her latest artwork consists of large-scale oil portrait paintings on wood panels, in which she aims to convey the beauty and the power of human emotions by merging the abstract and figurative. Her inspiration comes from nature and the human body. Ilze participates in group and solo shows and holds visual arts classes. Ilze is marveled at the unpredictability of the art-making process and believes that art can make a change in the world.


Art is more than conveying a story and my practice comes from where I am emotionally. I wish to evoke a sense of wonder with my art. With my artworks, I invite to pause, contemplate and be in the given moment. I challenge the observer to stop and appreciate nature, relationships, and life. I capture moments and details, which show the beautiful fragility of the world. I am interested in how a single fragment reveals the whole. To the unhurried eye, the more detailed, intricate levels of my work are revealed, which bring it to a whole new level.

IG: @ilzeegleart

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