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Templeton, CA, USA


I’m Jackie. I’m an intuitive and self taught artist passionate about the power of the present moment. It is in the space of presence where inspired creation is born. My goal is to attempt to translate what I experience from this divine and eternal space into different works of art.

My Reiki infused paintings are created with healing intentions in a purely intuitive flow to encourage inner transformation.

Before becoming an intuitive artist I had a very corporate job working for a small marketing company and before that I worked in hotel management. It wasn't until I had my first child that the creative part of me (that I put on hold) was reawakened. I began exploring with watercolors during nap time and this led to my first art business creating nursery artwork and textile design for children's clothing.

After having my second child I began to feel the call to go deeper. Children have a way of teaching us exactly where we need the most healing and thanks to them, I was able to see areas within that needed love and presence.

Often children show us just where we need to re-parent ourselves. I believe it's vital for mothers to put time and energy into their own well being so that they can parent from a heart-centered space. We often fall into the trap of caring about everyone else, putting our own needs last which often leads to anxiety, burnout and enmeshment.

This realization led me to take a three year course called Psycho-Spiritual Alchemy where I went deep healing old wounds, reprogramming beliefs that no longer worked, healing family relationships and then becoming certified as a Spiritual Life Coach and Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki master. I feel called to create artwork that can inspire inner alchemy as well as guide artists/mothers/empaths on experiencing their own joy, inner peace, purpose and wholeness.

I have various healing offerings including Reiki sessions, Spiritual life coaching, and Reiki infused commissioned artwork. I also offer Holy Fire® Reiki attunements to empower you to go within and heal yourself.

It is my mission to create, guide and empower. I paint uplifting and peaceful artwork to inspire energetic alchemy within you. I believe that the power to transform and heal begins by listening to our heart’s deepest urges while taking steps to fully acknowledge and embrace our whole selves including the darker aspects of our human nature .

Art and creativity often encourage us to go deep, uncovering areas within that crave attention and presence. Not only can art create a sacred space in our homes but it can connect us to the deepest parts of ourselves.

I believe we are here to experience and evolve within ourselves first and then as a collective society. I hope to continue learning, growing and seeking. I don't know what the future holds but I do know nothing is more precious than this present moment.

IG: @creativecrescentstudios

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