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Newnan, GA, USA


Jenni Horne, currently a professor of Painting at the University of West Georgia, infuses her figurative artwork with layers of emotion and symbolism, particularly exploring themes of motherhood and femininity. Her canvases are adorned with richly textured layers of paint, depicting female figures, birds, and flowers as metaphors for life's cycles and motherhood's nurturing essence. Drawing from her experiences as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend raised in the South, Horne seamlessly integrates her caring nature into her art. She weaves tales that transcend the confines of the canvas, inviting viewers into a world where every mark tells a story. Birds, flowers, and houses take flight amidst her compositions, adding a sense of whimsy and intrigue to her narratives. Through vibrant colors, she aims to evoke joy and celebrate the strength found in these connections. In these portrayals, Horne reminds audiences viewing her work of the beauty and significance inherent in the complexities of motherhood and the myriad of roles the woman has throughout her lifetime. Jenni lives in a historic home in the charming town of Newnan, Georgia, with her husband, Billy. Her children, Mailey and William are grown and thriving in their careers.


As a mother, I've navigated a complex journey, constantly defined by the roles I fulfill: daughter, wife, friend, and most significantly, mother. For years, my identity felt intertwined with those around me, obscured beneath titles like "Nancy's daughter", "Mailey's Mom", or "Representative Horne's wife". With each passing phase of motherhood, I've unearthed layers of myself, gradually shedding the labels that once confined me. I find myself yearning for a sense of self that is uniquely mine. It's an introspective journey, one that requires confronting and reconciling the myriad roles I've inhabited. I've come to realize that while I will always be a mother, wife, daughter, and friend, I am also something more. I am an artist. Painting is my sanctuary, a realm where I can transcend societal expectations and express myself freely. With brush in hand, I navigate the complexities of my emotions, weaving them into vibrant hues and intricate compositions. I discover facets of myself that have long remained dormant while painting, giving voice to emotions and experiences that were once silenced. Each brushstroke is a declaration of my autonomy, a testament to the richness of my inner world. Motherhood has undoubtedly shaped me, imbuing me with a depth of empathy and resilience that informs every aspect of my artistry. Yet, in embracing my identity as an artist, I reclaim a piece of myself that is wholly mine who exists beyond the roles she fulfills. I find solace in the knowledge that I am more than the sum of my titles. I am a mother, yes, but I am also an artist—an identity that is uniquely, unequivocally mine.

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