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New York, NY, USA


In Jennifer Deppe Parker’s work, she examines how the unconscious mind can be engaged by combining her knowledge of design with her background in fine art. She thinks about art and design as integral to each other. Whether through Deppe Parker’s paintings, photographs, or mixed media collages, she believes that the most effective method for a person to connect with a complex message is through visual imagery. She explores layers of understanding and contemplates how colors, forms, patterns and abstract representations can influence our perspective.

Jennifer Deppe Parker has participated in exhibitions across the United States and internationally in Canada, Europe, and Asia. In 2019 she curated a permanent exhibition in Mount Sinai Hospital.


I make mixed media macro portraits of the eyes of various individuals using pictured materials influenced by the subjects themselves. This approach is to highlight their perspective conveyed through the context of the most unique element of each living thing - their eyes.

While illustrating the iris, I use hand-cut paper shapes to create patterns reflecting the design of the iris color with themes they favor to indicate a visual map of their identity. Within this process, I am sensitive as to how the vibrancy of a design can awaken feelings of excitement within us. At the same time, the portrayal of the pupil, a mysterious black hole of empty space, can either frighten the viewer or draw them closer. However similar to a black hole, there can also be a subtle amount of detail and design within the small area of the pupil. I also depict the pupil as a convex mirror, which is not only a representation of the truthful reality that the portrait subject may see but also insight into the way the viewer sees his or herself.

My goal within this series is to give a viewer a more dynamic visual representation of a portrait subject by incorporating the elements of visual, emotional and experiential contexts. I would like the viewer to consider this new kind of portraiture beyond cultural, racial, socioeconomic status, or even species differences. To not be limited to traditional visually superficial representations which rarely indicate the subject’s personality or interests. I want to truly highlight a subject’s ‘uniqueness’ by emphasizing how everything we experience and certainly everything we see impacts the lens with which we then view all other new things.

IG: @thingsisee_jdp

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