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Toronto, ON, Canada


Julia Hacker is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist working in various traditional and mixed mediums, including oil, acrylic paint, handmade collage, and illustration. Julia is an Elected Member of the Canadian Society of Artists. Julia Hacker was born and raised in Minsk, Belorussia. At 17, she left her hometown to study art. The artist received a Master's Degree from Belorussian University and worked as a leading fashion designer in the fashion centre. She also ran a monthly spread in a local fashion magazine and created stage costumes for music performers and singers. 1990 following the Chornobyl nuclear meltdown, Julia moved to Canada, Toronto. Julia Hacker's artistic path took a new direction when she relocated to Canada, where she currently resides and creates art. Over the years, she has dedicated herself to further developing her skills through various workshops and art classes, enriching her repertoire of techniques and artistic knowledge. Today, Julia is a full-time artist recognized internationally for her exceptional talent. Julia Hacker has amassed an impressive body of work, showcasing her art through numerous solo and group exhibitions across notable locations such as Canada, Toronto, New York, California, and Texas. She collaborates closely with interior designers and real estate agents and undertakes commissions and installations, demonstrating her versatility and adaptability in different artistic contexts. In the United States, Julia Hacker is represented by ADC Fine Art Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio, and GalleryOne in Naples, Florida. Her work can be found online through respected galleries such as Saatchi Art, Singulart, and The Artling. Julia Hacker's dedication to her craft is evidenced by her professional Painter certification from I-CAC - Cotation Artiste Peintre i-CAC in France. Julia Hacker's artwork has garnered recognition worldwide, finding homes in private and corporate collections spanning from Europe, Switzerland and Japan to various locations in North America.


The circle of destruction and renewal is a fundamental concept in nature, where life emerges from death and destruction. This pattern is not limited to the natural world alone but manifests in human life. We experience hardships, struggles, and obstacles that often seem insurmountable, but eventually, we overcome them and emerge stronger, wiser, and more resilient. My artwork focuses on the beauty of hope and the birth of new beginnings. Hope is a powerful force that can sustain us even in the darkest times. In my art, I strive to capture fragments of this beauty, akin to a glimmer of light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. I use colours, shapes, and textures to express life's cyclical nature and the hope within it. Through my artwork, I want to inspire people to look beyond their current circumstances and find hope in the promise of renewal. Every ending brings the possibility of a new beginning, and every obstacle is an opportunity for growth and transformation. In a world that can often feel bleak and overwhelming, it's essential to hold onto hope and remember that despite the destruction, there is always the potential for renewal. My artwork serves as a reminder of this truth and a celebration of the beauty that emerges from it.
IG: @artjuliah

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