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Jyotsna is a Singapore-based abstract artist drawing inspiration from the mundane tasks of daily life and the intricate patterns found in nature, working mostly with acrylics, in combination with tools she can scrape and scratch with.

Jyotsna has always worked in related fields in Singapore, initially as a graphic designer, and for the last 19 years she has been a passionate art educator. Her own artistic journey serves as a guiding light in the classroom, where she encourages students to explore the boundless possibilities of abstract expressionism. She believes education is the key to developing the next generation, and finds it incredibly fulfilling to play a part in that.

Jyotsna has a Fine Arts degree from the University of Madras in India and has also trained in Western Abstract painting from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts(NAFA) Singapore, and has participated in a few group exhibitions and been commissioned for paintings.

Jyotsna has shown her work at Group Shows in Singapore with Be One Gallery.

You can follow her on Instagram via jo.on.canvas to see her journey. If you are interested in any artwork or commission, Jyotsna can be reached at


My art is a visceral response to the world's overlooked beauty - the poetry in mundane tasks, the dance of shapes, hues, and layers. Through abstract expressionism, I distil these elements into emotive compositions.

There's something about the process that puts me in a state of flow where I can let go of life's distractions and just be. Each stroke is an exploration of raw emotion guided by intuition and spontaneity. I capture the essence of fleeting moments, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the energy and rhythm of my creations.

By embracing the ordinary and elevating it to the extraordinary, I aim to ignite a sense of wonder and connection in those who engage with my work. My creativity comes from the heart with my unique vision; I hope to inspire others to see the world around them in a new and exciting light.

"When you teach what you love and share what you know, you open the eyes, minds, hearts, and souls to unexplored worlds."
IG: @jo.on.canvas

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