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New York, NY, USA


Kate was born, raised and currently lives and works in New York City. She has a BFA from Binghamton and an MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. She is a visual storyteller. Her work combines photography, collage and painting to create images that archive time, create nostalgia and explore what it means to be human.

Kate currently has work in Odetta Digital’s exhibition, Pandemic Proof on Artsy and she is exhibiting work in A-ONE at Silvermine Galleries. In 2019, Kate had a solo exhibition at Binghamton University titled, A Love Letter to My City and she collaborated with Artbridge and Google to install work on the Google Building in New York. She is a 2018 Pollock Krasner Grant recipient and has received grants from Anonymous Was a Woman, the Artist Fellowship, Rauschenberg Foundation, and the US Swiss Embassy to name a few.

She has done residencies around the world including at Mass MoCA and at PRGR in Bern, Switzerland. Kate has exhibited everywhere from Scope Art Fair at Art Basel in Miami to BRIC Arts in Brooklyn. Kate is also Mom to Matti who is almost 2.


Obsessed with photography. I am constantly taking pictures. I use these photos to create photo-based textured collage paintings.

My latest series, “A Love Letter to My City” is about New York City. It started when I was asked to do a commission about the gentrification of New York. My work continuously deals with issues of gender, environment, motherhood and the politics of change. The aesthetics and physicality of the work combine with the politics of our reality to create an aesthetically based body of political works.
I am a visual storyteller who explores what it means to be human.

"I waited many years to have Matti. I always knew I wanted to be a mom. I always knew I was an artist. I had Matti when I was 39. She is now almost 2.

I wanted to have Matti when my career was established. Defining this is so challenging as a visual artist. What defines us as being established?

I defined established as my commitment and the years spent being an artist. I knew the timing was right because I was confident in the work I was making, my work and I were strong enough to figure out a balance with motherhood.

I was also forced to come to the realization that I wasn’t going to be fertile forever. I knew I was ready. Matti arrived 9 months after I got married.

Finding a balance of work and motherhood can be a challenge for someone like me who makes my own schedule. I would take Matti to my studio starting from when she was 5 weeks old. It was the best to be able to have her with me everyday. A lot of those days I just spent laying on my studio floor while Matti would nap.

Now that she is a toddler we are re-navigating our shared studio space.

I have the support of family to help raise Matti which allows me to be an artist living and working in New York CIty.

I am searching for the right balance of having her in my studio and the time I need alone to work.

She has become my greatest inspiration. I think differently about my subject because I want my work to have significant meaning in these socially hard times we are having in the US. My latest works are in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

I want Matti to know about the state of the world now and know that I wasn’t silent."

IG: @katefauvell

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