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Newcastle, ON, Canada


Katherine Polack is a Canadian-Peruvian mixed media painter living amongst infinite nature and inspiration in Ontario, Canada. She uses visual storytelling through calming blue hues, vibrant marine life, and unique perspectives, highlighting the beauty and allure of the underwater world. She creates immersive and tranquil ocean-inspired art that reflects the serenity and stillness of her snorkeling expeditions, intertwined with her personal journey of self-discovery.

Her work has been published in Women United ART MAGAZINE, Vanity Fair UK, Artist Talk Magazine, and EAST Magazine. Katherine's paintings have been juried and exhibited by the Federation of Canadian Artists, Summer & Grace Gallery, the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, and Camelback Gallery.

With every purchase, a ripple of impact extends beyond the walls, supporting ocean conservation and ensuring the beauty that inspires all of us remains protected. 5% of every sale goes toward ocean conservation through monthly donations to four inspiring organizations, including The Canadian Sea Turtle Network, The Canadian Whale Institute, Oceana, and Coral Vita.


Dive into the serene world of ocean art with me. I find endless inspiration in the beauty and tranquility of marine life—a world that has captivated me since my childhood along the Pacific Coast in Lima, Peru.

My art is a visual journey, a story beyond the canvas to help us rediscover and reconnect with ourselves. Combining the tranquility of the ocean and its vibrant colours, I aim to create a moment of stillness - a pause in time - where you can find uninterrupted peace in your day.

In the studio, I create an environment that nurtures creativity. I choose music that compliments my mood, and I use a mix of alcohol inks, acrylics, and oils to reflect the fluidity of the ocean. My art invites you to pause, reflect, and find joy in the simplicity of a moment, offering a subtle dialogue between nature and the serenity we seek.

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