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Toledo, OH, USA


Katrina Niswander is an internationally collected fine artist, interior designer, and life coach working out of her home studio in the rust belt mini metropolis of Toledo Ohio. She has a fascination with the feeling of home and the spaces in which our most precious memories are made. She passionately believes in the power of self-love and the beauty and power of living your most authentic and aligned life. She spends her days painting and creating, working on her own home, leading others through digital interior design consulting and self-worth focused life coaching, and spoiling her two cats.


Art has the ability to bend time. I create visual love letters between past and present by rescuing discarded photos & creating new lives for these found figures. I search high and low for once treasured and now discarded photographic relics and create work that gives them a second life on the wall. I use mixed media to blend textures and surfaces – often working directly on top of photographic reproductions to create graphic new environments for these paper doll characters. The art lives to celebrate the small moments in our lives that seem to pass by with little weight yet stick with us as fond memories forever. Many of us have lofty expectations for our lives – but in the end it is those small simple moments we share with one another that make each of our lives beautiful. This work serves as a playful reminder to always make time to truly be present and enjoy these special moments. It functions as a totem of our past and of our growth as we move towards even more beautiful futures.

IG: @katrinaart

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