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Desert Hot Springs, CA, USA


Kristen Andersen-Merz [KAM] is an artist fulfilled by the simplicity yet detailed ability to draw and design in pen & ink. A natural, organic style that embraces the influences of dot work, pointillism, surrealism, and post-impressionism. California born and raised in city lights, now living under the inspiring desert sky, work is created in a small and solitary place of peace.


Back to a simplistic art form. The focus it takes to place…every. single. dot. So, gratifying! A love of pen & ink that began in childhood and never lost its joy. The elder of mediums where some of the fondest art memories began. Ink always has a seat at the table. Forever grateful for the phenomenal Thomas, Sisley, Seurat, Dali, and Van Gogh. With their legacy, they will continue to serve as the creative influence.

Peace and relaxation found in the doing and inspired by the connection we all have to one another through space and the natural world, with a grand appreciation for the gift of being able to create.

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