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Stavanger, Norway


Kristin Holm Dybvig is a Norwegian artist. She lives and works on the West coast of Norway. Kristin has a diploma in Art Therapy from England and has worked in the field for many years. She is now a full-time artist and a member of the Norwegian Visual Arts Association, the Drawing Association and the International Association of Art. Kristin's artworks are based on memories of places and experiences that are reinterpreted and reinvented through colour. Her concern about the rapid destruction of untouched nature is answered by focusing her artworks towards the beauty and ethereal majesty of the old landscapes surrounding her. She incorporates the entire sensory experience into her lyrical landscapes, elevating the subject from place to atmosphere. Also, her abstract work brings associations to nature and organic forms; the compositions vibrate with character and come to life through her expressive use of colour.


I base my artworks on memories of places that have a significant impact on my life, and that vividly linger with me. I am fascinated by the ancient soul of these old landscapes surrounding me and the sustainable life they contain when left alone. Here, I feel the connection to my foremothers as we enjoy the same view, and I sincerely hope that future generations will have the same opportunity. I want to convey to the viewer my respect, wonder, love and joy for untouched nature through coloured dust on paper, and in this way, remind us of our impermanence and that we are fortunate guests.
IG: @kristinholmdybvig

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