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Winona, Hamilton, ON, Canada


As long as Laura can remember she has been an artist, drawn to colour and design. In her childhood and teens, she used it as an outlet to work through traumatizing events from childhood. She attended OCAD University and completed her Bachelor of Environmental Design.

Chronic Illness made its entry into her life in 2010, and an eventual diagnosis of Chronic Lyme Disease would alter her life completely.

A wife and mom to two girls, her painting again was a way to process life as she was experiencing it. Committed to fighting for her health and her family she balanced painting, treating Lyme, and healing. After years of ineffective treatment, she flew to Germany for inpatient Lyme treatment and is well on her way to health.

Laura creates original artwork, custom pieces, and designs work for accessories and home decor items.


Life can demand a lot of us, too often leading us down the path of stress, self-doubt, and illness. But art is that magic, wonderful intersection where we can breathe, be ourselves, and let our intuition take over. Art heals, and small moments of reflection and calm can come from the beautiful art we surround ourselves with.

Even in times of darkness, my art is optimistic. When I paint, intuition is my guide. The color choices and outcomes come from my heart. That’s why I paint the world I want to live in, full of bright, luminous, vibrant color that exudes hope.

Art should create moments of reflection and infuse energy + beauty into your busy life. Through its meaning and beauty, we can all find more contentment. Because fulfillment and joy can be yours no matter what your journey looks like.

"Motherhood brought my back to my passion for art, and for that, I am eternally grateful. Being a mother continually shapes my journey with my art and my heart. The things that my family and I face and experience on a daily base are woven into my journey and reflected into my expression through my art. Being a mum will bring certain challenges to my work with art, time being one of them, but that makes my art more valuable. Art made in the in-between moments is SO precious. I dream of creating a Charity that provides large, bright inspiring art to bland mundane medical spaces for those who are healing from illness. I dream of expanding my art journey to a studio outside of my home and scaling up the size of works I am able to create. In the meantime, I remain fulfilled creating art in the moments between the busy, and sharing my passion for hope, beauty and reflection with the world through beautiful art and accessories."

IG: @laurafedorowicz

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