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Brno, Czechia


Laura is contemporary semi abstract artist with a passion for light and moodiness. She was born in Romania and grew up in the heart of Rome, both culture still influencing her for her art. Currently living in Brno, multicultural city of Czech Republic she found her real voice as an artist. The power of the nature's palette combined with a deep introspection results in evocative abstract landscapes. Feelings and emotions expressed through color and its variation.


Nature is the first artist painting emotions, I can only be inspired by it. I am a self-taught landscape painter using the power of nature to evoke emotion. Moody and atmospheric landscapes are the common theme in my work as I find nature to reflect every feeling of the human experience.

The misty landscapes are used to emphasizes the storm of the soul but with a romantic take on our existence, a glimpse of sunshine behind the dark clouds.

Light and shadows are translated into color variation using acrylics and natural elements are expressed with the help different texture techniques.

No process in my creation, just letting the painting come to life as it’s meant to be, just surrendering to the flow of feelings and instinct to guide me throughout the creation, my confession on canvas.


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