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Washington, D.C., USA


Lauren Brumbach knew at a very young age that her life would be one of wonder and imagination. She grew up in a sleepy little farm town where time moves a little slower, dinner is always at 5:00 and phrases like “wie geht’s” and “mach’s gut” aren’t foreign. The inherent simplicity and appreciation for life fuels her desire to create. In 2014, Lauren earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Art History with a focus in painting from Lebanon Valley College, PA. During this time, she studied in Perugia, Italy. Her focus was on traditional painting techniques and the impact Art had on history. After Italy, she moved to Philadelphia, PA where she completed her Master’s Degree in Museum Exhibition Planning + Design from the University of the Arts. Throughout her graduate education, Lauren studied with instructors who challenged her ability to look at the world upside down and marvel at its possibilities. This helped evolve her perspective and dramatically transform her art practice. In all the creative endeavors on which Lauren embarks, it remains a central mission to share the positive impact Art has on the human spirit. The goal of Lauren’s artwork is to yield moments for everyone to feel seen, comforted and filled with wonder. Lauren’s work has been shown in global magazines as well as solo and group shows across the U.S. She has exhibited in public and private galleries in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. She currently serves at the lead publication designer for the women’s art directory, AllSHEMakes. Lauren’s work can be found year-round at CalvART Gallery in Prince Frederick, MD. Lauren lives and works in Maryland as a painter and freelance graphic designer.


My work seeks to create safe places driven by love and grace. Perfectly balanced between representational and abstract work, my paintings unpack the relationships between humanness and our living natural world. My paintings exist as visual expressions of poetry, song and prayer — the colorful manifestation of still moments. My hometown has a uniquely rich impact on my representational pieces. The pace of life there is slower, the landscape sets still both time and people. In an era that feels like we speed through our days and forget to be present, I want to remind us of a place where "rush" doesn't exist - there is only field, farm, and creek. This entire painting practice is about paying attention to these small and still moments. When I'm painting, I'm listening. How are the colors interacting? What are they saying and why? The mission of my work is to yield moments for everyone to feel seen, comforted and filled with wonder.

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