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Düsseldorf, Germany


Leila Angelina Freiburg was born in Berlin, near the National Gallery, where she spent a lot of time admiring the old master´s paintings and dreaming of a creative career. Nevertheless, she studied law and became a lawyer.

She believed it was an either-or decision and stopped making art until her first child was born. The experience of being a mother renewed the urge to lean more into creativity, empathy, and intuition. She started taking art classes again and found a unique way of expressing emotions and stories of personal development in acrylic portraits. In her art Leila Angelina Freiburg explores emotions and personal stories while painting portraits or imaginary scenes. Her art is shown in collaborative exhibitions and in magazines and owned by private collectors.

She lives with her husband and two kids in Düsseldorf, Germany and balances family life, working for an NGO and painting.


I am a visual storyteller. Through my art, I tell stories about emotions, vulnerability, strength and personal growth. My paintings are rooted in personal and emotional stories, whether my own or the one of the portraited person. The artwork usually captures a moment where the protagonist realizes something important and grows on a personal level. Even if we might not have the same experiences, we all feel the same emotions and needs at different times and occasions in our life. Capturing these emotions in my paintings is like telling a story that helps to connect, understand, and heal.


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