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Traverse City, MI, USA


Lynn Stephenson is celebrated for her softly expressive yet highly detailed nature art, characterized by vibrant, saturated hues in layers that give her colored pencil works a painterly allure. Born on an army base in Misawa, Japan, Lynn's family lived in Washington DC, Japan, and New York, and eventually settled in Michigan. Her artistic journey began when Lynn transferred between two schools within the University of Michigan, jumping from the School of Pharmacy to the Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design. There, she honed her craft and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

After working in advertising and raising a family, Lynn now focuses on her art full-time from her home studio on the shores of Grand Traverse Bay. Her talent has earned her signature status with esteemed organizations such as the Colored Pencil Society of America, the UK Colored Pencil Society, the National Association of Women Artists, and Artists for Conservation. Lynn's work has been featured in multiple books, including "Colored Pencil Treasures Vol 9," "Colored Pencil Masterworks from Around the World," and "The Best of Colored Pencil 4," among others.

She has been showcased in Color Magazine, and her art has been used in advertising for the Crescent Matboard Company. Lynn's recent accolades include a first-place award in the 2023 Best Art Awards.


As a nature artist, I draw what moves me. If you are not passionate about your subject matter, it reflects in your art. It is the same with your chosen medium. I have long been a champion of colored pencils. They are unparalleled in their range of hues, ease of use, saturation of color I can achieve, portability and versatility. They allow me to create effects ranging from fine, delicate lines to thick, saturated, and burnished layers of color that resemble an oil painting. I do not strive for photorealism but purposely imbue an exaggerated softness reflecting nature's fragility.

My current series delves into the repercussions of record lake levels along the Lake Michigan shoreline and my memories of a childhood chasing now declining Monarch butterflies, Rusty Patched bumblebees, and Emerald Green dragonflies. I firmly assert that aesthetically pleasing images have the ability to convey powerful messages. My intention is for the visual allure of my art to intrigue viewers but also prompt contemplation on the underlying issues it portrays.

I am an avid photographer and use my own photographs for reference whenever possible. I uphold a commitment to quality, utilizing archival papers and professional quality pencils with the highest light fastness ratings to ensure my art is long lasting. Through my artwork, I aspire to evoke an admiration for the natural world and also thoughtful reflection on the pressing environmental concerns it faces.

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